"Zori" Japanese Sandal - Driftwood 008

"Zori" Japanese Sandal - Driftwood 008


This piece of driftwood was originally a "Zori" - a traditional Japanese footwear resembling flip-flops. They are a kind of sandal with a flat wooden base but with no  "teeth" like the geta.  


Zori are usually made of the lightweight wood "paulownia".  


Condition: Scratches and scruffs. The wood has been split from the toe and down the center.


Each driftwood piece has been treated at home however please note Australian customers, that there is no commercial treament license so Customs may not allow this item.


Each piece is collected by me from Japan and posted directly from Japan.


    8.2x3.2x1in / 21x8.5x2cm