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Get your Glass Fishing Float Decor ON!

Updated: May 13, 2021

If you have been following me for awhile, you will know that I love to decorate my home with my beach finds - especially glass fishing floats!

As February 1 marks the first 2021 Glass Fishing Float Release, I thought it would be fun to show a few pictures of my personal collection and give some ideas for how to decorate with your glass floats.

At the beginning of this year (can you believe the first month just ended?!) I felt like I wanted to decorate my home with the color "green". I know that is crazy because we just came out of Christmas and it does not follow the "Pantone COTY 2021" and actually I usually use the color green for spring decor. But I just had this strong desire to feature greens inside the house for this season. There is something calming and peaceful about the color. So I went with that and grabbed all my favorite green glass floats to help me out. (Fun fact, I actually like my green floats more than my turquoise ones!)

So here's some key spots in my home that may give you some ideas of how you can also decorate with your glass floats.

This was the first spot that I hit - by the single couch in my living room. I knew I had these deep colored green bottles so I paired them with a 3 inch glass float. I found my only green hardcover book (thanks Cook's Illustrated 2008) and placed them on top. I love it when the afternoon sun hits them! And yes, those are some duck feathers that found their way to rest there too.

Just a few feet away is the coffee table. I usually have something big as the centerpiece but this time I wanted to keep it simple. So on a simple gold platter, I placed two different glass floats (a roped 3 inch and 4 inch) and the yummiest Red Saffron Candle that I made.

Next is the main drawer that I always love changing up. I used my obon tray to hold all my favorite green floats in various sizes and shapes. Just like the nearby candle - they bring me great joy!

Another little shelf nearby got the green glass float that my husband found on our adventure up north in Hokkaido last autumn.

And as always, I have one hanging by the window. This particular float was gifted to me by a good friend. I love this shade of green which is rare in my collection.

I had to keep the theme going outside too of course!

(I have been loving the amount of snow that we have been getting this winter!)

So that's my green glass fishing float decor reveal for Winter 2021.

I did a short video last year about how to decorate with your beach finds and it features a lot of glass fishing float decor ideas so feel free to check that out especially for ideas for other seasons. Just click on the image below. Enjoy and happy decorating!

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