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Shingetsu Series coming at ya

What is "shingetsu" you ask? It is the Japanese word for "New Moon". And if you have been following me for awhile, you will know that the new moon week is my absolute favorite time to go beachcombing. A new moon will see the sun, moon and Earth in aligniment which then causes extra high tides and very low tides. Bring on those low tides and all the treasures that start to peak out! So what is more perfect than to call the new Yoake beachcombing bag series Shingetsu.

First thing first, this is how you pronounce "shingetsu"

New = Shin (like the shin on your leg)

Moon = Getsu (like "get sue" but faster with an emphasis on the T)

So we finally have new bags coming at ya! This has taken a good year to develop. And right off the top, I want to thank all those people who have been sending me messages throughout the year asking when Yoake would be available again. Thank you for your patience! I am so excited to finally share them with you all.

This process was a labor of love. Firstly, we needed to find a new manufacturer here in Japan. After lots of searching and phone calls, we finally found a great place down in Osaka. Manufacturing costs had sky rocketed with inflation and the increase in oil cost along with covid restrictions. So lots of changes had to be made.

Then came the design. We wanted to do a few upgrades to the current regular sized Yoake. This included an easy to grab zipper, and stainless steel rings to avoid any breakages and allow things like keys, UV flashlights and dog leashes to attach easily to the bag.

Then came the even more fun project; designing the large bag! For awhile, I have been receiving requests for a larger bag. A bag that would be great for driftwood and flotsam and jetsam finds. I based this particular bag around being able to carry a 14 inch glass float! I had a canvas back pack that I used on my float adventures last year and of course, it was difficult to clean afterwards with the sand and wetness. I wanted this new bag to solve that problem. I knew I needed handles to carry it like a tote but also backpack straps especially when traveling long distances with heavy finds.

Can you see the 14 inch glass fishing float in there?

I also love pockets. You know that one Tik Tok that says "Hey! I like your dress" and the person answers "Thanks! It has pockets" and proceeds to dance around showing off the pockets. That's me right there. I adore pockets. Give me a pocket for anything and everything! So this is exactly what this bag features. Pockets and more pockets. Inside the bag, you will find a secured inner pocket perfect for your phone and keys. It is water resistant helping to protect those important items from the elements!

Then there are 7 outer pockets. A pocket for your flip flops, your drink bottle, knife (for cutting ropes), dog leashes, food, book, and whatever else you need to carry for those long adventures! You can even embrace your OCD and store different beach finds in each pocket. One pocket for shells, one for sea glass, one for get the drift.

Speaking of drift... this bag is perfect for carrying those big size pieces of driftwood. I love finding the perfect piece of driftwood that I can use for home decor but have always struggled to bring back large quantities of it in the past. Well not anymore! The size of this bag will allow you to carry lots of pieces and long ones too. You just may be seeing more driftwood journal pieces this year...

The fun thing is, these bags do not have to be solely for beachcombing. I often use my regular size Yoake for foraging in the woods. I plan to use this big bag for lounging at the beach (yes it is true...I can actually sit on the beach if there is no treasures to be found) with my beach towel, drinks, snacks and a good book to read. Bring on summer!

So that is a little inside look into the making of this new Shingetsu Series. I hope you will love it as much as I do!

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