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How to decorate with 19th Century Wooden Fishing Floats

The seasons are changing! It's time for the home join in the fun with a new decor makeover. With autumn upon us in the northern hemisphere, all things that scream fall are brought out and placed around the house. I find that brown wooden things fit the bill. The top of my list includes the beautiful "19th Century Paulownia Wood Fishing Floats".

These hand carved pieces of maritime history can be used in so many ways. Here are a few ideas of how to decorate with 19th Century Wooden Fishing Floats.


Gather your different floats together and place them in your favorite bowl

Only have one float? Mix it up with other fall decor like dried leaves, agates and candles.


Lucky enough to have a cluster of hanging floats? Hang them on the wall!

Spread them out on your favorite wall or even on the window sill.

A two piece rope float works great on the wall too or wrapped around your favorite "ittobin" (demijohn.) Got a ladder? Hang them on it!

A single one with long rope can be tied together and hung anywhere.


A cluster of floats always look great sitting together paired with other autumn decor.

Stack those single ones!

Think of ways to change the direction of the float. Here it is standing upright with the books rather than laying flat.

And there you have it - just a few ideas of how you can decorate with wooden floats around your house. Let me know in the comments how you have used your wooden floats!

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