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A touch of Autumn

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

This first day of autumn is slowly greeting us with cooler weather, gentle breezes, and my favorite sound of crickets overtaking the cicadas.

Although it will not look like full on autumn around here for at least another month, I thought I would slowly bring out some of the autumn elements to match what was going on outside. So out came the vintage brown bottles to replace the aquas, some antlers and lots of cattails from the nearby pond.

Before going all out with your typical fall colors, I was inspired by this cobalt blue contemporary glass fishing float that I got from Asaharasan in Hokkaido last May. So with subtle touches of cobalt blues and shades of brown, here are the spots in my home that got their touch of autumn.

The glass float that inspired this seasonal decor transition. Behind the float is white birch driftwood (did you know that was a thing?) that I found on one of the beaches in Hokkaido. Inside perfectly sits a battery operated candle.

I always love bringing out my waxy beach agates in autumn.

I always get a little giddy when I get to bust out my vintage brown bottles. I feel like you can never have enough! Behind them sits the weaving block that I found in the fisherman's shack a couple of years ago.

I love having mint in the house just for that natural fresh smell and look. So some of the mint made it into the bedroom to pair up with my jubako and baby antler. Fun fact, the round jubako are originally Chinese influenced. The square ones are purely Japanese and seen to be more valuable.

All the antlers have come out but I will be keeping most of them in this antique Japanese box until next month when I will hang them on my ladder with autumn scarfs and blankets. It is just not quite cold enough yet for those!

Speaking of antlers though, here is an Ezo Shika deadhead that Mr Sab found on the beach in Hokkaido last May.

One of my many zaru which we use for harvesting. I think they make for great wall decor too.

Mixing up a little vintage brown bottle with brown sea glass, a blue antique Japanese jar (currently being used as a candle) and the fun bottle that I found on the beach last May in Hokkaido.

So that is all the little touches of autumn around here for the moment. What do you do during this transitional time in your part of the world?

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