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Float your way into Christmas

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Oh Christmas Time! How good is it that we get to end a year with Christmas? I love it when it is time to start decking the halls with all things merry. I often get asked how to decorate with the fishing floats. So I grabbed all the green floats out and got all Christmassy at home. I am not going to lie, it was hard to pack it all up afterwards. I cannot wait for Christmas this year! I hope you enjoy this special Christmas edition and find some inspiration for your floats.

Tip: Grab a flat dish, candle and a vintage/recycled jar, a fresh cutting from outside and pair it with your float. A little secret, that red berry branch was cut in a wild field in the middle of no where - get creative with where you source your cuttings (legally of course!).

Got a fake candle? Wrap it with some bark and pop a glass float on top to see it glow at night! I found that white birch bark on the beach.

And you can always add another float to the mix.

Now let's get a little crazier. If you have a bunch of floats, place them in a dish. Cut some fresh pine (or fake if you do not have access to a forest) and pop them amongst the floats. If they are real, be sure to regularly spray them with water so that they do not dry up.

More cuttings from the forest including this juniper piece simply paired with different size floats.

Bowls make for a great spot to hold small glass floats together.

Candles always go brilliantly with floats.

Add some driftwood to your display.

I love decorating with real antlers. Every spring, we will go shed hunting to add to the collection.

The usu is always happy to see this green gem return!

I am loving the Amikomi Glass Float Rope Holder that just hit the shop. They are perfect for holding those large glass floats in place with no fear of them rolling away!

So whether you have just one float or a collection of them, hopefully you were able to get some ideas and be inspired with your Christmas decorating this year.

Wishing you a very merry time as you decorate for this special season!

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