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My Addiction Story

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

As a child I loved visiting the beach and collecting shells. But it wasn't until 2015, that I discovered the beauty of sea glass & sea pottery here in Japan.

It quickly became a daily routine (perhaps obsession is more the word...) to run down to my local beach whenever I had a chance and enjoy the treasures that the sea had to give for that day.

I started to research more about sea glass and their origins. It was amazing to discover facts about the different colors, the age and original purpose. During my research, I came across a sentence that discussed sea glass as being like a reverse gem where it was originally man made but then refined by nature as opposed to regular gems that are nature made and then refined by man. I loved that idea!

Meanwhile, my collections were growing fast. In my efforts to look less like a hoarder at home, I started to decorate with my treasures and play with the idea of minimalism art. Simple but beautiful and a whole lot of joy. With lots of interest from others, I started to make different art displays on request. I love how such gems can bring so much beauty and happiness.

All sea glass and sea pottery found by me is unaltered. It comes in the same state that it was found on the beach except for being gently washed in soapy water. The pieces have not been shaped, smoothed or drilled. All natural - nature refined.

Check out Digital Prints in my store to see some of my monthly favorite finds. You can also see and follow my daily beach finds on my Instagram.

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