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Time for some spring decor

It's finally starting to look like spring around here. So I thought I would start to change the decor around the house. Still sticking to the greens but going a bit lighter to continue that whole "life" and "new growth" kind of vibe. So all the seafoam green sea glass came out along with some lighter green glass fishing floats.

So grab yourself a green tea and enjoy this little tour of our simple spring decor.

The coffee table centerpiece is always the first to be changed each season. Time to make a new spring smelling candle though!

I love this little green glass fishing float that my husband found on our Hokkaido adventure last year. It's hard to tell in the picture but there is actually water trapped inside! Extra spesh!

I switched out the large green bottle holding a hydrangea to this short glass container full of seafoam green sea glass and the cutest little glass fishing float.

I love this little vintage fishing basket I scored a couple of years ago. It has become my glass fishing float holder that just sits around looking pretty.

Love this Easter card (something that you don't get here in Japan!) that I got from my buddy in Australia. I thought it paired nicely with this small jar of seafoam green sea glass and float that sit on a kitchen shelf.

Remember this piece of driftwood from my instagram story? Well this is how I used it:

When I found this piece of driftwood, I knew immediately that I wanted it to hold some glass fishing floats.

And of course I had to swap out the dark green fishing float for a lighter green one. I wish I had a large seafoam green glass fishing float - something for the bucketlist!

Full of scratches and signs of wear, this glass float clearly worked hard in its previous life.

And that's basically about it. A few cotton scarves in greens and whites have replaced the warm winter ones. Cushions are being swapped out. And fresh cuttings from the garden are slowly replacing the evergreens. It is definitely feeling like spring inside the house as well and I am loving it!

Let me know in the comments how you decorate your house for spring!

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